Bareback The Punk 2

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Starring: Jaime, Paco, William, Tito, Billy, Jonathan, Emerson & Saul.

Scene 1   Jaime and Paco

Paco interrupts Jaime's chores with a kiss. Jaime knows just what Paco needs, unzipping his pants. Paco wastes no time sitting down, tearing his pants and shoes off. He pulls Jaime down on to his long hard pole. Jaime exuberantly starts working Paco down his throat, stripping his own clothes off. The two resume their positions staring longingly into each others eyes. Paco stands over Jaime, fucking the smaller mans throat with long thrusts. Paco moves over Jaime and wolfs down the bottom's cock while fingering Jaime's hole. Standing back up, Paco lets Jaime suck his dick for a few strokes, before turning him around and caressing Jaime's hole with his pulsing cock. In the next scene, Jaime is whimpering and grimacing as Paco pushes and pulls his long cock in and out of Jaime's tight hole. Jaime feverishly submits, crying out in ecstasy as Paco firmly holds him in place, getting rougher and faster. Mouth open, gasping for air under the exertion, Paco continues to take what he wants from Paco. Mercifully, he sits down, still buried deep in Jaime. Jaime rides Paco's stick, shoving his hips down obediently before Paco takes back over and resumes hammering him from underneath. All Jaime can do is hold on for the ride. Jaime turns Paco around to face him, alternating his gaze between Jaime's wide eyes and the point where they connect. Goose bumps rise on Jaime's ass as he pumps his meat. Paco gets faster and faster with his thrusts until Paco's dick explodes, shooting cum all over the top. Paco continues the assault, getting closer and closer. He pulls out puts his cock back in Jaime's mouth. Finally, Paco drenches Jaime with his load, letting Jaime suck out every last bit. The two end their encounter with more soulful kissing.

Scene 2  William & Tito

Tito is hard at work gardening for William. He looks up the staircase to see William leering at him while grabbing his crotch. Tito ascends the stairs, homing in on the invitation. The two kiss and touch each other hungrily. William helps himself to Tito's rock hard cock before William can even tear his pants off. They run to William's bed where Tito starts gulping on tattooed William's cock. They flip back and forth before William unlaces his boots and gets the rest of his clothes off. William flips Tito on his side and shows off his cock hammering Tito's hole. After a while, Tito sits on William's dick and starts riding it, forcefully plunging down till it's deep inside. Tito flips roles with William, flipping him on his side and hammering away. He ends up on top of William, pounding his ass with William's face in the pillow. They blow they're loads in each other's mouths and continue kissing.

Scene 3   Billy & Jonathan

Billy is working up a sweat, slugging away at the punching bag. Jonathan is doing everything he can to distract him. After a while, Jonathon decides it's his turn at the bag. Billy half-heartedly "works out" but is soon distracted by Billy's hard cock. He pounced on Billy's cock without bothering to take off his boxing gloves. The two take turns on each others cocks until Jonathon flips Billy on all fours and starts working on Billy's ass. In short work, he's inside, making Billy's eyes roll back in his head. Billy takes his turn on Jonathon's ass. They finish by gulping down each others hard earned loads.

Scene 4   Emerson & Saul

Emerson and Saul are playing keep away and tug of war with their dog in the park. After the fun, the two are at home washing up. The two quickly dispense with their clothes and start sucking and licking each other all over the patio. Saul ends up ass arched up in the air with Emerson pushing his cock inside him. Emerson alternates between fucking and then sucking Saul until Saul pops in his mouth. Then Emerson is on hands and knees draining Saul's cock.

Produced by Bruno Riccelli.

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