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Starring: Jason Decker, Lee Jaguar, Tony Sweet, Jay-Jay, Simone de Jesus, Rico Vialli, Eduardo Contreras, Taz Loberas, Jeff Lowland, Leo Lentes, Giovanni Carreras, Michael Van Goethem. Introducing: Henry Fleischmann, non-sexual role: Jean-Marc Prouveur.

Two dirty minded controllers get 12 of the guys through their paces. This is internet sex where every demand from either controllers is executed for the viewer's pleasure and filmed in graphic details. The guys are paid to do it for you and the controllers are making sure that you are getting the best these guys have to offer. They suck for your pleasure, they fuck for your pleasure and they come for your pleasure. All the twelve carefully chosen models and the two controllers have you in mind and you alone.

Directed by: Jean-Marc Prouveur

Ratings: GAYVN NOMINATIONS: Best Non-Sexual Role, Best Editing, Best Foreign Release, AAAA GAYVN, TOP 75 GAY RENTALS GAYVN.

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