Lucas's Birthday

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Starring: Tomas Sebastiani, Gonzalo Forte, Juan Cruz Real, Ezequiel Seguro, Bruno Bordas, Pablo Sobrado, Francisco Tribial, Alejo Rodriguez, Luciano Soto, Luciano Soto, Jose Alberto, Agustin, Daniel Federico, Gabriel, Rodrig.

With a cast of 15 men including two orgies, 2 3-ways and three double penetration. This is a hot production with great production values. Quality of imaging, sound and lights are superb. The story of Luca’s Birthday is about three friends who have a lot of fun. Nico (Gonzalo Forte) discovers an ad in a magazine for an interesting place. Without hesistation, he heads to the hot spot. Upon arrival, he sees a leather 3-way. He sees some guys wearing masks and intense oral sex including rimming. One of the guys doesn’t waste any time enjoying himself with large dildos. When he finds other group, he does not resist and joins the action. Outside the darkroom he calls a friend Fer (Juan Cruz Real) telling him that he wants to have a birthday party for their friend Lucas.

Fer is on his way to take the subway and he decides to visit the station bathroom. There surprisingly, he finds a guy(Bruno Bordas) who is pissing. As they start to kiss each other, a policeman appears (Ezequiel Seguro), he wants action!!! The 3 guys immediately catch fire. Fer calls Lucas(Tom’s Sebastiani) to let him know about the plan. A birthday party for him in that sweaty location. Lucas who is working out, loves the idea. When he asks for some help to lift some weights, he noticed a huge cock of Pablo Sobrado which appears out his shorts. As Lucas starts to blow him, they are joined by another guy (Francisco Tribial). During this three-way you see Lucas’ ass taking double penetration.

Last scene is the birthday party. Lucas arrives blind folded with his friends that have a surprise for him. When the blindfold is taken off, Lucas has two cocks for sucking. The orgy starts right there. Four guys cum on the Birthday Boy’s chest. Lucas’ face, mouth and body are covered with cum. Now is time for the cake!

Directed by: Dario Marxxx

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