Raw Army

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Starring: Otero, Zambrano, Garzon, Tovar, Duran, Riveros, Triana, Yago Ribeiro, & Torres (non sexual role)

Scene 1: Otero & Zambran

New recruit Zambrano is about to join the Raw Army. Marched through the woods by his beefy commander Otero, he drops to his knees in exhaustion. Otero lifts Zambrano to his feet and sticks his tongue down his throat. Zambrano can’t resist his superior officer’s requests that he strip off, revealing his smooth brown skin. The young soldier pulls down Otero’s pants, revealing tight white underwear that barely contains his thick Latino cock. Hungrily pulling Otero’s dick free, Zambrano slides his lips over the fat pink head, deep throating that monster, eager to impress, as Otero strokes his tight hole. Zambrano leans back over a boulder, letting Otero fill his mouth with the shaft and balls of Zambrano’s boyish, uncut dick, before greedily shoving Otero’s shaft back into his mouth. They use spit for lube in the Raw Army, and after fingering his hole to open him up, Otero slides his cock in, filling Zambrano to the hilt. This soldier sure can take a pounding, Otero’s dark meat sliding in and out his boy cunt, his army boots around Otero’s neck. Pulling out, Otero makes Zambrano lick his rod clean before climaxing on his ecstatic face. Otero massages Zambrano’s balls with his tongue as he jerks off, licking his own thick cum off his fingers. Not done, Otero stands and hoists Zambrano up and onto his cock, ramming him deep. Bending him over, Otero shunts Zambrano’s ass until Zambrano cums again. Finally, Otero shoots a second load over Zambrano’s sweet ass cheeks.

Scene 2: Garzon & Tovar

In the early morning mist, young soldiers Garzon and Tovar hit upon an idea that will keep them both warm. Checking to see that the coast is clear, Tovar caresses Garzon’s cock through his fatigues with his mouth, encouraging Garzon to pull that monster out so he can feast on it. There are a lot of expert cocksuckers in the Raw Army and Tovar is no exception, deep throating every inch of Garzon’s rod. Passionately kissing, Garzon then gets a mouthful of Tovar’s tasty tool. Throwing off their clothes, Tovar gets back on Garzon’s dick, until Garzon’s shoots a big load of jism in his face. Wasting no time (or sperm) Garzon is back on Tovar’s dick. Tovar shoots a fat load, big spurts of hot seed mixing with the rain that now falls, and Garzon gets every drop. Not yet content, Garzon leans Tovar over and fucks him from behind. They lie back on their discarded uniforms and Tovar rides Garzon. Tovar’s ass is spread wide open so we can see every inch of that impressive dick sliding in and out, balls bouncing, ass juice dripping. Flipping to ride Garzon’s cock in reverse, Tovar shoots a second thick load. Tovar licks Garzon’s second load from his smooth torso and cock, rolling Garzon’s foreskin around in his mouth. The men kiss passionately, having successfully completed another mission.

Scene 3: Duran, Riveros & Triana

Back at base camp, officer Torres spies cadet Triana being sucked off by Riveros. Triana jizzes in Riveros’ mouth, then wipes Rivero’s face clean with his t-shirt. Torres approaches Rivero, reprimanding him and locking him in a detention cell. Young Colonel Duran approaches, dark and handsome, with a lot to prove. He taunts Riveros, getting him out of lock up and telling Torres to take a hike. Duran works Riveros down onto his groin. He teases Riveros with his cock. It’s huge, and it doesn’t take much encouragement for Riveros to get his mouth on it. Duran tests this cocksucker’s ability, forcing himself on top of Riveros and face fucking him. After ramming his tongue in Riveros mouth, Duran goes down on him, flicking the head of his cock with his tongue. When Riveros goes back down on Duran, the Colonel cums in his face, and Riveros happily swallows every drop. Duran wants some cadet cum too, so he sucks every drop of spunk out of Riveros’ dick. Rivero’s oppressor is now his lover, as Duran strips down and eats Rivero’s hole, holding the cadet’s legs in the air and burying his face in that ass, getting his tongue right up in there. Duran rolls Riveros over on his side and gets his colonel cock deep in the young man’s hole. Riding him in reverse cowboy, Riveros uses his ass as a suction tool to work Duran’s cock. Duran flips to take Rivero from behind, ramming him with that Brazilian army cock. Sitting on a tree stump, Rivero rides Duran, stroking his own cock as the tip to the root of Duran’s shaft slides right in and out. There’s no doubt this cadet has a big future in the military with an ass that talented. Riveros cums, then Duran flips him over and cums between his boyish cheeks, forcing his seed into Rivero’s ass with his cock.

Scene 4: Yago Ribeiro

When people say, “Brazilian men have a very specific sexual quality,” they are talking about men like Yago. Muscled with a slightly stocky build, he is a beefy man who is in control of his body. It’s a body he loves to tend to, as he does for you here. While lounging poolside at his house, Yago wastes no time in enticing the viewer, drawing you in with his sexy glance and his smooth-skinned body. When he drops his pants to review his cock, it’s a site to behold: A big fat cock with honey-brown foreskin. Sitting in a chair, Yago tugs and pulls on his dick invitingly, licking his lips and rubbing his chest as he builds closer to his explosive climax. Throwing his head back with pleasure, Yago lets loose with a torrent of creamy-white jizz that lands all over his belly and hand. Then, with a kiss, he bids you goodbye.

Produced and Directed by Bruno Riccelli

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