Raw Society

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Starring: Michel Platiny Danilo Bertalha Artur Bartek Marcos Gabo Trevor Hart

SCENE 1 Michel Platiny & Danilo Bertalha

Michel is hitting the showers. He lathers himself under the the streaming water; paying extra attention to his thick, swinging meat and his perky bubble butt. He's joined by fellow Brazilian, tatooed Danilo, who starts washing his back and quickly plants a kiss on Michel's full lips. Michel returns the favor by washing Danilo's cock for him. After cleaning his friends cock, he drops to his knees to do a more thorough job with his tongue and mouth. Danilo's pink cock rises to the occasion, inspiring a mischievous grin on Danilo's lips. Danilo takes a couple of gulps off of Michel's cock, then returns him to his knees. Michel hungrily swallows Danilo, who's hips start grinding. The two head for the lockers and continue they're play. Soon Danilo has Michel on top of him, spreading Michels plump ass, touching his hole while sticking his tongue down Michel's throat. Danilo flips Michel onto all fours and starts flicking his tongue on Michel's pulsating hole. Michel can't help but arch his back and moan under the assault. Soon, Danilo is working his giant size meat into Michel's hole. Michel growls and sneers as Danilo forces himself all the way in. Danilo holds Michel's hips and shoulder in place while alternating between jackhammering him and soulfully kissing him. The two change position to face each other, then stand, then Michel sits down on Danilo and rides, all the while with Danilo's cock ramming in and out of Michel's now greedy asshole. Finally, Danilo turns Michel onto his side and begins to dump his load home into him. Before he finishes, he turns Michel back onto his back and lets him blow his own load. Then he pulls out to show off the cream filling now in Michel's satisfied butt.

SCENE 2 Arthur & Bartek

Young farm boys eager for their first male-to-male experience, Arthur and Bartek have their tongues deep in each other’s mouths, passionately experiencing physical love. Arthur drifts down, licking every inch of Bartek’s youthful torso until his mouth is on Bartek’s cock. He pushes Bartek’s foreskin back and forth with his tongue, working him hard as he chews his balls, making them juicy. Bartek turns Arthur around and caresses his smooth ass, eating out his virgin hole. The boys kiss more before Arthur backs on to Bartek’s rock hard cock. These virile boys fall on the floor, exploring each other’s bodies in ecstasy. Bartek lubes Arthur up and slides it in, deflowering him. Arthur then climbs on top, slightly awkward and fumbling but hungry for more dick. Bartek lays Arthur back and fucks his young lover’s beautiful smooth ass before beating off on Arthur’s face, spraying hot cum all over Arthur’s tongue and face.

SCENE 3 Marcos & Gabo

Innocent looking Marcos is fast asleep till his friend Gabo starts helping himself to Marcos' hard cock. Marcos sheds his clothes while Gabo gulps Marcos' meat down his throat. Marcos plays doctor with Gabo's ass, inserting the tip of an enema hose attached to a bag and starts flooding Gabo's butt with water. He then stretches Gabo's ass open watching as the clear water streams back out. He then pins Gabo to the bed and starts ramming his cock up into Gabo's hole. Lighting a cigarette, he repeatedly presses his lips against Marco's hole filling Marcos' ass with smoke. The two go back to blowing each other, exchanging hits off the cigarette until Marcos picks up a used condom and feeds Gabo the stored load. Marcos then takes Gabo on his side, pounding away until Gabo soaks himself with his own load. Marcos continues to pound his hips into Gabo, sneering and growling. Once he's shot his load into Gabo, he licks the dripping seed from Marcos' ass and kisses it into Gabo's open mouth.

SCENE 4 Trevor Hart

It’s a scorching hot day in the desert, and boyish Trevor Hart is desperate to cool off. Lying in his underwear the sun, he soaks himself down with the garden hose. His briefs cling to his growing cock and balls as the heat and wet turns him on. He pulls his underwear down, revealing his uncut, pierced cock. With the heat getting too much, he retreats to the Jacuzzi inside, sitting in the cool water and playing with his hard on. He fingers his hairy hole and strokes his beautiful cock, working himself up to shoot a thick stream of thick chunky cum onto his chest. Ball sack emptied, Trevor then pisses a hot stream into the Jacuzzi.

Directed by Jackson & J. J. Rodrigues
Produced by Bruno Riccelli

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