Outdoor Ecstasy

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Starring: Tony Bandanza with Drew Andrews, Duncan Miller, Matthew Thomas and Rich Raines. Introducing Ethan Wright, Brody Mson and Joey Cafferio.

In Blade Thompson's OUTDOOR ECSTASY, Tony Bandanza is a college campus botanical gardener who observes botany students sewing their wild oats with their teachers and each other!

First, teacher Rich Raines finds a convenient flower bed and tops student Duncan Miller amongst the azalias.

Next, it's noonday nookie in a nearby nook when freshman Brody Mason tops classmate Ethn Wright (both newcomers!).

Then, upperclassman Mathew Thomas deflowers teacher Joey Cafferio (also a newcomer), and finally, campus visitor Drew Andrews plows Tony Bandanza between the begonias.

Directed by Blade Thompson.

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