Pay Off

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Starring Vince Bandero, Andre Night, Ethan Star, Bruce Hill, Max Grand, Thomas Bond, Trey Hunter and Luke Sabre.

In PAY OFF, guys get off with each other in order to get off the hook with each other. First, Morals Enforcement Officer Max Grand makes a periodic (and apparently welcomed!) visit to Bruce Hill's corner adult bookstore.

Bruce gives his butt up in the store's secluded basement storage room instead of buying a ticket to the Policeman's Ball.

Next, Ethan Starr owes Vince Bandero a debt, but it gets wiped out when Ethan thinks on his toes and drops his drawers. (Afterwards, Ethan gets into debt to Vince as often as he can!). Then, Thomas Bond tops street meat Andre Night, but Andre makes it a freebee.

Finally, Trey Hunter burgles Luke Sabre's home and gets caught, but instead of sending the thief to jail, Luke exacts Trey's payment to society by topping him in his dining room.

Directed by Blade Thompson

Rating: AAA 1/2 GAYVN

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