Barebacking With Big Dicks 2

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Starring: David Snider, Danilo Wells, Kaua, Rafinha Carioca, Felipe Ferrari, Lyw Dracko and Michel Bittencourt

SCENE 1 - David Snider & Danilo Wells
This sleazy locker room fuck fest begins with tattooed young punk David Snider watching Danilo Wells shower, amazed at Danilo’s massive tool. Danilo wastes no times planting his mouth all over David’s body as David massages his manhood. Knowing what he wants, Danilo gets down on his knees and opens David’s boyish ass with his tongue, getting his hole primed. Pushing David against the lockers, Danilo slides his raw fat cock in to the root, testing David’s limits. Danilo shows no mercy, pounding this white boy hard, his balls slapping against that tight twink ass. Danilo throws David down on a bench and plows him doggy style, before letting David ride him, bouncing on that dick as it forces him wide open. Danilo still has a lot more fucking to do, pushing David on his side on the bench, legs open, ass in the air. Then it’s back to doggy style for one last savage pounding. Danilo then leans back and lets David lick the ass juice from his cock. Dick slicked with David’s spit, Danilo bends him over and fucks him some more, finally shooting his hot spunk over David’s bruised hole. Finally David gets to release his load, spilling his cum over his twink torso.

SCENE 2 - Kaua & Rafinha Carioca
Tightly muscled, with chocolate skin, Kaua sits in the locker room, playing with his huge meat through his white shorts. Young prettyboy Rafinha can’t keep his eyes or hands off Kaua, eager to get some of that dark meat. Slapping Rafinha’s ass, Kaua forces his head down on his enormous cock, all the way to the root. Stripping off Rafinha’s clothes, Kaua licks his hole and sucks his uncut dick. Then he gets Rafinha’s talented tongue to lick his hole and his balls and finally get back to work on his dick as Kaua lays back and enjoys it. With only a gob of spit for lube, Kaua bends Rafinha over and works his black cock into him, the curved black shaft arcing into Rafinha’s hole, stretching him open before working the whole thing deep into him and pounding that boy butt. Kaua flips Rafinha, using the wall to prop himself up, Rafinha under him, his balls slamming that kid ass, stretching him and leaving his hole gaping. Kaua climbs on Rafinha’s back for more sensual but still penetrating fucking, wrapping Rafinha in a bear hug as he works further into him, balls bouncing. From behind he can get in deeper, so Rafinha is pulled up on his knees and Kaua plows it in. Finally sitting on Kaua’s throbbing boner, Rafinha moans as he shoots thick sperm on Kaua, his load pearly white on Kaua’s black skin. Rafinha get back on his knees in front of Kaua, eagerly waiting for the huge messy load that dirties up his pretty young whore face.

SCENE 3 - Felipe Ferrari
Felipe Ferrari is one of those guys that you might not notice on first look, but on a second you realize just how inviting his presence is. With lasciviously blue bedroom eyes and an oh-so-thick cock, Felipe could make any dream wet. In this scene, he demonstrates some of his bedside manner, looking directly into the camera while he stokes his luscious uncut cock as it continues to grow and grow. Felipe knows just how to work his tool, gripping the base hard and stroking furiously until his slit opens up and his thick cum comes spewing forth. He cleans up with his briefs, then winks at the camera and disappears.

SCENE 4 - Lyw Dracko & Michel Bittencourt
Needing to wind down after a hard work out, muscle man Michel Bittencourt sets his eyes on the gym janitor, Lyw Dracko, in the locker room. Kicking over his mop bucket, Michel angers Lyw to the point that Lyw inflicts revenge with the best weapon he has, his rigid cock. Tough black punk Lyw throws Michel up against the lockers, hammering his pole into him. Using Michel’s neck tie as a restraint, Lyw makes him deep throat his fat cock, before throwing him over a bench, wrapping the tie around his neck and pushing his face against a mirror as he grinds into him, balls slapping Michel’s hole. After fucking Michel every which way, Lyw pulls Michel on top him, reverse cowboy, and Michel blows a chunky load all over his own chest. Ready to cum, Lyw turns Michel over and fills his ass crack with an incredible thick load. Then the men wash off in the gym shower, soaping each other clean.

Directed by: J.J. Rodrigues and Marcos Piovesan

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