Bareback Carnaval

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In Bareback Carnaval, throbbing action and explosive orgasms fill the screen. It's carnival season in Brazil and men react to the warm tropical breezes. When the right combination of guys show up at the carnival ball, it turns into a wild sex free-for-all soiree. This bunch of hot and hung Brazilians hook up with their friends for a party which causes the juices to get flowing. There's no escaping in this sexual carnival. The party has started and you're invited! 
The guys meet up at the local street bloco and chill out for a while and dance to the Brazilian naked rhythms. Its getting late and they decide to leave and go to the party. It is carnival after all. With the party already in full swing, and everyone in their carnival costumes, Henrique Silva and Alexandre Senna, sneak off to somewhere a bit quieter. Alexandre finds out what its like to bottom for this hunky stud. While taking a firm pumping, Alexandre blows his load while Henrique finishes off by spurting a gusher all over Alexandres face. Friends Alexsander Felix and Juan, check out the samba school parade at the sambadromo before they join their friends at the party. They get into their costumes and mingle. They find more sex going on than they could have ever planned for. The first thing they see unfold is a hot threesome between Kaike Montani, Rick Solares and Tony, with lots of rimming and cock sucking. The boys look as if they're on the edge of an orgasm over and over again. 
Alexsander and Marcelo hit it off while dirty dancing and head for the pool room where both young men cant resist the urge to top each other on the pool table. Alexsander is first to splatter his cum all over Marcelo, before he returns the favor being so turned on by the warm cum. Then its back to the dance floor. Just because Juan and Alexsander arrived together, doesnt mean they have to get it on together. Thats not how carnival works, so Juan hooks up with Michael Bitencourt who has been flirting all night with him. Juan tops Michael, with only the odd passer by watching. No time for shyness. Juan blasts his sticky wad all over Michaels face, leaving time for Michael to pop also. 
Back at the party, Kaike Brito and Luiggi Knowles don' t want to feel left out, so off they go to find a secluded spot to get better acquainted. Luiggi is in heaven as he bottoms for Kaike. Kaike is the top we all dream of hard and big, yet warm and beautiful.

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