Every Inch Counts

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Starring newcomers: Andy Lee and Michael Brandon, Introducing: Junior, Lee Hassalo, Julian Houston, Billy Gun, also starring: Jacob Ambers and Jason Farr.

In Every Inch Counts, guys discover that spending almost any time with another man or simply being in the same room alone with another man generally leads to sex!

First, Julian Houston wants to borrow some tools from Andy Lee. Andy complains that Julian is always borrowing and wants to know what's in it for him. Julian lets Andy rooter him with a dildo attached to a hand crank (!), then tops him and lets him borrow tools any time he wants to from now on.

Next, coverman Michael Brandon plays a piano tuner who visits with sweet Billy Gunn because his baby grand sounds flat. Brandon plows Billy with his ginormously massive piano tuner's tool (which must be seen in action to be believed!) Then, Jacob Ambers admires Lee Hassalo's dick when the two use the restroom in a gay club at the same time. Flattery gets Jacob everywhere with Lee, including becoming Lee's next bottom.

Finally, Jason Farr and Junior arrive at a disco way before the rest of the crowd. They use the opportunity to act on their overwhelming sexual impulses by Jason topping Junior in the club's empty lounge.

Directed by: Blade Thompson

Ratings: coming soon

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