Bareback Island 2

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Starring: Kaike, Junior Bastos, Marcelo Martins, Rick Montila, Mateus Axel, Alan Richard, Tiago Castro, Junior Feraz, Bruno Mendes, Tomy Lee, Kenzo.

BAREBACK ISLAND 2 captures the charm and unselfconscious physicality of these young studs. With this exotic and erotic backdrop, it truly is a paradise cum true!

It starts off with KAIKE and JUNIOR BASTOS taking a stroll on a secluded beach in sunny Brazil. After they splash around in the waves they make love with KAIKE topping JUNIOR. With KAIKE'S hefty Latino sausage up his ass, JUNIOR lets go a juicy load. The very handsome, fit and toned KAIKE lets rip his creamy load all over JUNIOR.

RICK MONTILA finds MARCELO MARTINS resting on the rocks, enjoying the beautiful view. It's not long before MARCELO'S silky tool gets some air as RICK sucks on his big long cock. After MARCELO returns the favor, he tops RICK in a manner of positions. RICK can't control the rush of love juice and spurts a big load of cum all over himself. MARCELO blasts his juice all over RICKS face. On a sunny day, hot and horny hunks MATEUS AXEL and ALAN RICHARD cruise around the water in their boat as the sexual tension burns beneath the sunny surface.

MATEUS shuts off the engine and right out in the open water tops ALAN any which way he can as the gentle waves rock their boat in response to their sexual rhythms. While ALAN'S ass is taking a major rootering, he blows his load before MATEUS explodes a sticky wad on ALAN's face. Next up, JUNIOR FERAZ and BRUNO MENDES are making out in the secluded cove. Along comes their friend TIAGO CASTRO and gets in on the action. These three guys like to suck, fuck and be fucked.

BRUNO and TIAGO end this sizzling threesome by unloading over JUNIOR FERAZ. TOMY LEE and KENZO meet on the island and sucking is what they really love, they both take turns topping each other. Both of their willing and pert asses take a serious pounding. After rimming and fucking each other, they shoot on each other's faces with tons of creamy love juice.

Directed by: Manual Suave

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