Black Raw Breeders

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Starring Big Tease, Thugzilla, Trapboyy, Skinny Pimp, Mr. Republic, Intrigue, Wanted, Mr. Pipe’m 

Like your thugs young, hung, and tattooed? These street boys give shout-outs to their posse while stuffing hot, tight holes with some of the meanest, thickest black snakes caught on film. Fucking raw and wet, they deliver splashing loads all over each other’s faces and deep inside their round bubble butts. It’s uninhibited gangsta sex the way it was meant to be – with no condoms and no limits. 

Scene 1: Big Tease and Thugzilla 

Big Tease is true to his name while napping on the couch, casually cupping his hand over his bulging crotch. He’s killing time before his very first gay pride event on MLK weekend. Thugzilla, with tattoos blazing all over his dark cherry torso, wakes up the tight-bodied boy. “I am the king of porn!” the gold-toothed Thugzilla declares. “They broke the mold when they made me.” The newbie Big Tease challenges him to “stop being a bitch” and to take his pants off. In no time, Big Tease shows he’s more than his name by deep throating his friend with slick expertise. Thugzilla taunts him while slapping his thick, fly tool against the boy’s handsome face. “Kiss my balls. Suck it!” orders Thugzilla. He then turns Big Tease around and sinks his black rod between the hard, round cheeks. Thugzilla wastes no time slamming that hot mocha hole, pulling Big Tease’s hair, and spanking his perfect ass. After pile-driving the lad with every inch of his beer-can cock, Thugzilla sprays a shower of cum all over Big Tease’s face and chest. The boy obediently sticks out his tongue to lap up every thick creamy drop. Who’s the bitch now? 

Scene 2: Trapboyy and Skinny Pimp 

Light-skinned Trapboyy and midnight beauty Skinny Pimp sit on the couch while the director interviews them. Trapboyy is wearing a wife beater and a cigarette behind his ear, while Skinny Pimp nervously fingers his ripped jeans. “He’s got a tight little black booty,” explains Trapboyy, “and I been waitin’ to get in it.” The director orders him, “I wanna see a little pain. I don’t want it to be too easy.” Trapboyy promises, “I’m gonna fuck this boy stupid.” Soon Skinny Pimp turns his baseball cap around and dives into Trapboyy’s crotch, taking the long curved cock all the way to his tonsils. With his shoes still on, Skinny Pimp gets up on all fours and gyrates his hard ass on to Trapboyy’s raw pole. “Don’t stop!” he moans while Trapboyy barebacks his hungry hole, ramming his rod without mercy. Then Skinny Pimp is on top of his dick, jamming it in to the hilt, working his hips down on it. “Shoot it in there, daddy!” and Trapboyy complies with a river of jizz dripping out of the hole down his heavy ball sack. “Ready for the second one?” he asks. He sits Skinny Pimp on the couch and delivers even more streams of cum across his face and goatee. Skinny Pimp sucks the head to make sure he’s got it all, sending his own load flying over his tight abs. 

Scene 3: Mr. Republic and Intrigue 

After giving shout-outs to their homies on camera, Intrigue whips out his big-ass dick and Mr. Republic quickly goes down on the uncut masterpiece. These boys have never fucked together, but you’d never know it by how well they get it on. You can hear Mr. Republic’s loud, eager slurps and see his gobs of spit drooling off Intrigue’s fat shaft. Mr. Republic hops on top of Intrigue’s impressive dick, and gives a wide shit-eating grin when the director asks, “You like that cock?” Intrigue pummels his raw black monster into Mr. Republic’s ass, while he eggs him on with a “Hell, yeah!” Mr. Republic bounces all the way down on it, rocking his pelvis, begging for a deep breeding. Then Intrigue’s got him doggie style and finally finishes the boy off with a pudding-like facial, which Mr. Republic keeps on his lips while he jacks his own huge cock to completion. 

Scene 4: Wanted and Mr. Pipe’m 

Wanted’s from Arkansas, and says he’s hungry today. “I’m gonna give you some protein,” declares the dreadlocked Mr. Pipe’m. Wanted starts working Pipe’m’s tool in his hot mouth, fingering his low weighty balls lying on the leather sofa. “Good job on that pipe,” he compliments as Wanted plays with the head of his nearly foot-long dick. Then Wanted is pinned down on the couch, watching Mr. Pipe’m slam his bareback cock deep into his abused hole. “You like that raw dick in that ass?” asks Mr. Pipe’m. “That’s what’s up!” retorts Wanted, which just makes Pipe’m pile drive him even harder. Wanted is rewarded with a face covered in hot homeboy jizz.

Directed by Edward James 

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