Daddy Breeders

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Starring: Paul Stag, Chris Kohl, Jayson Park, Derek Anthony, Sam Crockett, Danny Lopez, Duke Rivers.

Scene 1 – Paul Stag & Chris Kohl
Leather-clad tough British daddy Paul Stag wants muscular and willing straight boy Chris Kohl to lick his sweaty armpits, suck his uncut cock and offer his ass for breeding. And Chris is happy to provide, letting Paul pull down his red jock and roughly finger his butt, opening it up in anticipation. Paul bends Chris over the sofa and rams Chris hard, abusing him, slapping his ass cheeks, making Chris his bitch. Pauls’ balls bounce off Chris’ ring until he explodes inside him, filling him to the brim with hot man juice. Chris squeezes Pauls cum out his hole, and Paul dives down between Chris’s legs, licking up his own seed. But daddy’s not done, and he gets Chris on his knees, servicing his monster cock, rolling his foreskin back and forth, eager to coax another load out of his dad. Paul throws Chris back on the sofa, sucking his cock before the sight of Chris’s open ass is too much for him and he has to fuck it again. Finally he licks Chris’s balls to coax him to shoot out a load of hot sweet cum. Paul squeezes off a second load into Chris’s mouth, and Chris milks every last salty drop from Paul’s cock. 

Scene 2 – Jayson Park & Derek Anthony
On a dirty sofa in the back of a warehouse, silver fox Derek Anthony sucks Jayson Park’s thick cock as Jayson tells him how much he needs a hot daddy load inside him. Derek stays focused on Jayson’s dick, bringing him to the brink then turning the tables. Piggy bottom Jayson performs like a pro, working Derek’s cock until it’s ready to slide into his eager hole. Jayson offers his ass to Derek, bending over the sofa so Derek can slide it in from behind. Derek trash talks as he enters Jayson smoothly, sliding his long pole out to the tip then all the way back in to the balls. Derek flips Jayson over and pins his legs down, working himself deep into his hot wet ass. Derek blows a thick load which he then fucks deep into Jayson, before sticking his filthy cock into Jayson’s mouth, letting the pig boy do his work. Finally Jayson gets to blow his own wad as Derek fingers his sloppy hole. 

Scene 3 – Sam Crockett & Danny Lopez
Danny loves his white daddy Sam. He loves how Sam licks his ass, snaking his tongue deep into his hole, getting it wet and hot in preparation for a good fucking. Sam shoves his rod into Danny from behind, and Danny can’t get enough, begging Sam to fuck him harder, faster, grinding his ass back onto Sam’s shaft. Sam breeds Danny good, filling his boy up to the brim. His seed drips from Danny’s hole in a hot stream. Taking a moment to refill his balls with cum, Sam feeds on Danny’s cock, before throwing Danny on his back and mounting him again. Gripping Danny’s ankles, Sam plows him as hard as he can. Sam pulls out in time to catch Danny’s load in his mouth, licking his boy’s cock clean. Sam then squeezes out a second load onto Danny’s face, and Danny works Sam’s cock clean with his tongue. 

Scene 4 – Duke Rivers
Muscle daddy Duke Rivers can’t get enough leather. The smell of it, the feel of it on his skin drives him crazy. Wearing his harness and master’s cap, he strokes his cock with his leather flogger, just getting started. He fingers his hole wearing nipple clamps, displaying his hairy crack, rubbing the leather strips of the flogger against his inner thigh. Working his fingers deep into his ass, he strokes his cock for us, slicking the shaft and teasing the head with spit. Unable to contain himself anymore, he shoots a tasty wad of seed onto his furry belly, gasping with each pulse of cum. Duke rubs his jism into his skin, happily licking his fingers clean.


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