Barebacking in Colombia 2

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Starring: Nicolas, Jaime, William, Ramiro, Esneider, Javier, Fabio and Ramon
Scene 1– Nicolas & Jaime

Nicolas is in the boxing ring. He's joined by sparring partner Jaime. The two dance around each other exchanging smiles and jabs. As the fighting gets more aggressive, Nicolas deals Jaime a mean right hook, knocking him into the ropes. Jaime's head spins from the punch until Nicolas shows he's sorry by tenderly kissing him. As Jaime comes to, he dizzily lands on his knees where Nicolas' cock awaits his open mouth. Jaime's quick to gulp the thick, curved cock down his open throat. Nicolas sucks Jaime for a few rounds till he gets him turned around. With Jaime's sweet butt in the air, Nicolas tongues Jaime's hole then spanks his ass good. He then pulls Jaime back down to his cock by Jaime's thick hair, holding on while he fucks the bottoms throat. After he's had enough of Jaime's throat, Nicolas turns Jaime back around and spits into his hole to lube him up. As Nicolas begins to jackhammer his partner's wet, smooth butt, Jaime moans hungrily, pushing his hips back on to the thick rod impaling him. The two wind up on the mat, with Nicolas watching his own cock tear into Jaime. Jaime reaches back to hold his ass open for all the cock he can get. Jaime then sits on Nicolas bobbing all the way down to Nicolas' balls. Nicolas' hips take over and then eventually he ends up on top. Nearing the point of no return, Nicolas sucks little Jaime's load out of his balls, thirstily slurping it down. It's then Nicolas' turn to shoot down Jaime's throat which he does in short order, wiping the load all over Jaime's face. Nicolas uses his tongue to make sure Jaime gets all the cum in his mouth.

Scene 2 – William & Ramiro
Fooling around in the stairwell, William and Ramiro are going at it. They shed their clothes while kissing and grabbing each other. Ramiro grinds his boxers into William's trunks, before yanking them down and sticking William's cock down his throat. William then gets a mouthful of Ramiro's dick, bobbing up and down while Ramiro stares down at William's dick. William first puts his cock back in Ramiro's mouth, then springs his feet up on the bannister and puts his hole in front of Ramiro's waiting mouth. The two work each other over, back and forth, until horny Ramiro starts rubbing his ass against now seated Williams dick. After a couple of strokes, he has what he was hungry for. William fucks Ramiro nine ways to Sunday, hitting every angle in the stairwell before shooting his wad in Ramiro's face. William then sucks Ramiro's gushing load down his throat.

Scene 3 – Esneider & Javier
Sharing a lunch break, construction workers Esneider and Javier seem hungry for something more than food. Hard work has left them both horny as hell.  Javier fishes his buddy's cock out of his coveralls fast. It helps that Esneider's cock his hard and he's not wearing underwear. Javier sucks away sticking his ass up in the air. Esneider doesn't miss this, shoving his hand down Javier's brief while the bottom gulps his dick down his throat. Esneider can't keep his hands off of or out of Javier's ass. Javier obediently mounts Esneider and starts working his partner's thick, engorged meat into his ass. Eventually he turns around to face Esneider and sits all the way down. Esneider takes over, taking Javier from behind sticking his fingers into Javier's mouth and holding onto him by his hair. Javier sits back down on Esneider and blows his load while bobbing up and down on him. Esneider then lets Javier suck his load down his throat.

Scene 4 – Fabio & Ramon
Ramon is minding his own business in the locker room. After a long workout, he's ready to change out and head home. Fabio appears next to him, staring him up and down with a wolfish grin. He closes in on Ramon and starts stripping Ramon's clothes off. In a couple of minutes, Fabio has Ramon on his knees with his thick uncut cock in his face. Ramon is too happy to oblige. After getting to know each other a little better, Fabio has his legs in the air with Ramon's tongue then cock in his asshole. Ramon fucks Fabio, standing, sitting, against the lockers on his side. The two feed each other their loads and then sweetly hold each other.

Directed by: Bruno Riccelli

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