Outdoor Breeders

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A Bruno Riccelli Production

Starring: Diego, Water, Nestor, Triana, Javier, Terry, Felipe & Andres

SCENE 1 - Diego & Walter - Hiking on wet rocks is dangerous enough, but Diego and Walter try doing it with boners. Diego reaches into the rushing river and pluck out Walter. Walter rewards him with a kiss and then has his cock in his mouth. After returning the favor, Diego pushes his cock into Walter's ass. Gently at first, he sinks it all the way to the balls and then starts fucking Walter. After fucking him amidst the waves, Diego gulps down Walter's load and then shoots his wad on Walter's eager mouth.

Scene 2 - Nestor & Triana - Nestor and Triana sit by the fishing hole. Triana cleans his catch while Nestor baits his hook. Before Nestor can cast his line, Triana finds some bait he can't resist. Nibbling at Nestor's nipple, Triana slides his tongue up to Nestor's mouth and the two start taking turns biting at each other. It's not long before they've torn they're clothes off and are taking turns smoking each other's poles. Triana gets adventurous and flicks his tongue against Nestor's asshole getting him worked up. Soon, Nestor's buried deep inside Triana's quivering ass. Triana takes it as long as he can, before swapping places with Nestor, shoving his cock home up Nestor's butt. They swap places with each other, over and over, fucking and riding in a frenzy by the fishing hole, oblivious to the surrounding park. They take turns sucking each other dry, eventually covering each other with cum. 

Scene 3 - Javier & Terry - Javier is hard at work cleaning the pool as Terry lazes in the sun. Javier starts getting distracted as he notices Terry pulling on his cock in his pants. Pretending not to notices, Terry sheds his pants and hops in the pool for a swim. Terry paddles over to where Javier is working and yanks him into the pool. Tearing his shirt off and shoving his tongue into Javier's mouth, Terry wastes no time letting his intentions be known. In a flash, the two are out of the pool, getting to know each other a little better. Then they're back in the pool, cooling down while continuing to work each other over. Terry homes in on Javier's ass and in a couple of strokes is deep inside him. Javier takes a turn on Javier's ass. The two shoot all over each other and then hop back in the pool to wash off.

Scene 4 - Diego, Andres & Felipe - Diego sits shirtless in the sultry park, casting his line into the fishing pond. Andres and Felipe wander by and catch sight of Diego. Just then, Diego pulls a fish out of the water. The boys shyness vanishes in awe of Diego's catch. They walk over for a closer look. Eager for a quick fishing lesson, Felipe takes Diego's rod and lets Diego instruct him. The two can't keep each other's hands off one another, with Andres encouraging them. Diego kisses both of them, then lets them take turns on his engorged and uncut pole. Pretty soon, Felipe's cock is plunging into Andres. Andres pops his load after a few strokes and Felipe sucks it out of his cock. Before he can get up, Diego has him bent over. Diego holds him in place while he shoves his dick into Felipe and pounds away. Andres helps his friend out by sucking Felipe's dick in rhythm on the other side. Eventually, Diego fucks faster then Andres can suck. Diego flips Felipe onto his back to continue wearing out Felipe's hole. Diego pulls his cock all the way out, showing off Felipe's gaping, spasming hole. Diego stands Felipe back up and lets him slam back onto him while Andres resumes his job milking Felipe's cock. Felipe gushes his seed into Andres waiting mouth. Diego lets Felipe finish him off while kissing Andres.

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