Lust Shack

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Starring: Dino DiMarco with Tanner Reeves, Nick Collins, Tim Boyd, Sweet Williams, Grant Wood and Peter Phoenix.

In LUST SHACK, men get back to nature and what comes naturally - sex! First, Dino DiMarco and Grant Wood leave the city for a back-woods retreat. They arrive at their quaint cabin and sex is the first thing on the agenda.

Next, Dino prepares to take an old fashioned out door bath.

Then, while hiking, Sweet Williams happens upon the secluded rustic scene and pokes around to meet whomever is staying there.

Meanwhile, the area is crawling with hikers like Tim Boyd. Tim thinks he's alone in an empty barn and pulls out his pud for some air. Passerby Nic Collins spies Tim doing private things with his privates and enters the scene to take liberal liberties with him. Back at the cabin, Sweet finally meets the bathing Dino.

Sweet gives Dino a helping hand locating a slippery rubber ducky under the murky suds and gets boinked for his help. Finally, Tanner Reeves and Peter Phoenix leave the main trail for, what else, S.E.X.!

Directed by: Blade Thompson

Ratings: AAA GAYVN

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