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Starring: Miklos, Attila, Tamas, Istvan, Robert, Attila Robert, Istvan Gabor, Akos.

Blade Thompson points his camera East, way East, all the way to Budapest, Hungary, looking for fresh new hunks to videotape getting it on together! And boy, did he ever succeed!

These guys are young, eager and willing to show us one of the reasons why it's become such a popular tourist destination! Whatever they're feeding them, we want some too! First, Attila Robert tops Robert, then there's a flip/flop with Akos topping Istvan Gabor and vice versa. Next, Istvan tops Tamas on a wagon, and finally, Miklos tops Attila. If hot Eastern Europeans are what you want, then look no further! They know how to please each other, and you!

Directed by: Blade Thompson

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