Barebacking With Lovers

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Starring: Andy,Tomas, Juan, Ariel, Rodrigo. Felix, Maximo, Rick & Sebas

SCENE 1 – Andy & Thomas 23 year old Andy and his man Thomas have been together for 2 years. After making their intros, they get to work. Thomas gets Andy rock hard as he tries in vain to get him all the way down his hungry throat. After blowing his load, Andy starts working his still hard meat into Thomas’ tight ass. After resorting to a little lube, Andy slides right in and starts pounding Thomas harder and harder. They go from grabbing the bed on all fours to Thomas' ankles up by Andy’s ears. Stroke after stroke, Thomas’ moans of ecstasy grow more urgent. Andy gets rougher and faster until he eventually pulls out and pops on Thomas waiting lips. Thomas then shoots his own wad and starts mopping up the salty reward.

SCENE 2 – Juan, Ariel & Rodrigo 27 year old Ariel relates how he likes to check out the guys in the park on his way home to Juan. The chemistry heats up as the two go start making out. Ariel gulps on Ariel’s hard rod. Juan tastes Ariel before he gets his butt cheeks pulled apart and spanked for the camera. Ariel helps himself to Juan’s quivering hole. Slowly lapping at it, he works Juan into a frenzy. Ariel crams his cock into Juan and starts taking what he wants. He turns Juan back over and starts working him over again. After a while Ariel announces a Surprise and in walks Rodrigo who jumps right in. Ariel watches eagerly as Rodrigo’s dick goes down his man’s throat. Ariel comes over to inspect closer and ends up helping himself to some of Rodrigo’s thick uncut cock. Juan then goes back and forth between the other two before Rodrigo turns him around and starts plumbing the depths of Juan’s ass. Juan gets it from both ends before Rodrigo dumps a load into his open mouth. Juan then gulps another tasty load from Ariel’s dick and shoots his all over his chest.

Scene 3 – Felix & Maximo Felix and Maximo have lived in Buenos Aires together for four years. The two start alternating between soulfully kissing and sucking each other. Maximo starts playing with Felix’s ass. Fingering and licking him deeply. Felix moans and groans as Maximo gets deeper and deeper. Grunting with determination, he keeps eating until Felix is almost crying. By the time Maximo slides his cock in, Felix’s ass is well lubed. After warming Felix up, Maximo holds him with both hands and starts pounding. He gives Felix a break by letting him sit on it. Felix starts bouncing up and down greedily. Maximo then turns him back over and starts fucking harder. Maximo shoots all over Felix’s ass before Felix turns over and blows his own load.

SCENE 4 – Rick & Sebas Rick and Sebas are first timers. The two hunks know what they like as they move in, kissing and quickly shedding their clothes.  After Sebas sucks Rick’s big boner, Rick turns him around and starts chowing down on Sebas’ bubble butt. Rick shoves his cock in for a few strokes before letting Sebas have some more down his throat. The two then 69 each other. Then Rick mounts Sebas’ ass again and rides him. Starting gently, he then pins Sebas and buries his dick up to the balls. After a lot of work, he floods Sebas ass with his milky white cum and then continues to fuck. Then Sebas pops his pent up load and the two fall into each others arms.

Directed by Dario Marxxx

Produced by Bruno Riccelli

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