When The Wife is Away

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Starring: Dereck Bishop, Alex Carrington, Jeff Mitchell, Eric Evans. Introducing:Daniel Istvan, Christopher Rojas, Nolan Scott & Michael Raphael.

In When The Wife's Away, it's Guys Night Out and man talk around the poker table turns into steamier confessions of hot sex these guys have when their spouses are out fo town!

First, while his wife was away, Dereck Bishop telss how he called Michael Raphael to fix his plumbing, but all that got done was Dereck giving Michael a human rooter job over the sink.

Next, while his wife was away, Jeff Mitchell tells how he bagged Alex Carrington, who was helping him with his bags to the car at the supermarket. Jeff drove Alex home, then Alex drove Jeff home in bed!

Then, Nolan Scott lets out that he got more tha milk delivered from the milkman, Christopher Rojas. Christopher brought dairy products to his front door, but delivered tubesteak to his rear entrance!

Finally, Daniel istvan tells the group how he was seeing his wife off at the airport gate when he met pilot Eric Evans. Daniel topped Eric and earned frequent flier miles from the satisfied aviator! Don't waste any time, get your copy today!!

Directed by: Blade Thompson

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