Interracial Interogations

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Starring: Dereck Bishop, Tyson Cane, Mark Kroner, Christopher Fleur de Lis, Mark West, T-Spoon, John Ross, Andrea Bolla, Tony Lee Jones, Winston Love.

Probing deep into the shadowy world of law enforcement, where the cops always get their man to come clean, acclaimed director, PAUL BARRESI, exemplifies the power and passion of interracial erotica with his trademark amalgamation of ebony-toned Titans and ivory muscled magnificence in "INTER-RACIAL INTERROGATION.

Cruise to the forbidden back alleys of a sex soaked city and witness the prick-pummeling-power of patrol officer, MARK KRONER, as he takes down his caramel cocked, but more than willing to surrender, buxom-suspect, TYSON KANE.

Career criminal, JOHN ROSS, gets roughed up in the interrogation room and still refuses to open his mouth. So, the experienced and very talented veteran detective, T-SPOON, decides to implement, what unique text book police procedure defines as, "Cocoa-Crammed-Measures", to pump a full confession out of him.

Meanwhile, in the holding tank, detective TONY LEE JONES, offers to help python-sized inmate, ANDRE BOLLA, "Get off easy, if he cooperates". Standard police procedure allows desk Sgt., WINSTON LOVE, to take part in such arrangements, so Winston wastes no time getting himself in on the action. It's been a long, hard day on the beat, African-American-Adonis, patrol officer, CHRISTOPHER FLEUR DE LIS, returns to headquarters, enters the police locker room and accidentally walks in on his Commander, MARK WEST, who happens to be the recipient of some eye-popping, oral treatment, from fellow comrade in blue, DERECK BISHOP.

Chris apologizes and quickly turns to exit, only to be halted by the star studded and highly decorated ( in more ways than one ) police commander, "There's enough Daddy Cop Dick for both of you!", West boasts, and orders Chris to join in on the mouth watering feast. After servicing their super-hung-superior, well enough to earn them a promotion, both Dereck and Chris continue their male bonding in the proud, true and blue-ball tradition of the Metropolitan Police Department.

"INTER-RACIAL INTERROGATION" is a powerfully scripted, superbly videographed, high quality all-male feature video. This cinematic mosaic of mesmerizing style and unparalleled vision is indeed gay erotica's most jaw dropping, sex soaked, interracial melodrama to date.

Directed by: Paul Barresi


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