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Starring: Bastian Eade, Alex Jackson, Antonio Lanini, Chip, Antony Romero, Igor, Dan Castillo, Tim Vinzent, Tony Vella, Scott Mann, Cedric Martinez, Ed Miller, Fernando Cinelli, Cicero Romano, Louis French, Simon Brit, Gavin Keen, Billy.

Frightened of loosing his reputation in the village, because of his son's debaucheries Mr. Torrez Marches Luc to the school of St. Anselm. With a cast of 17 all male students and a hunky priest Luc gets much more than religious education.

As Anthony the younger of the pupils confesses to the priest we to know of the sexual exploits he has witnessed . How Gavin has used a large dildo on his friend Simon in the refrectory. In the catacombs where the boys go for a quick fuck how he has surprised Cicero fucking Scott. In the changing room he spied on Ed and Bastian while in the Sanctuary the evil twins Igor and Vinzent, are initiating the newest arriaval, Antonio in their own very soecial way.

Unable to resit further to the temptation Anthony joins Billy and Dan late at night in the dormitory while next door Chip and Fernando are releasing each other. The full school ends up in a frenzy of sex as Luc descends to the catacombs with his youger cousin Louis.

Directed by: Jean-Marc Prouveur

Ratings: * * * + + ADAM GAY GUIDE

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