A Bruno Riccelli Production

Starring: Bruno Bordas, Martin San Diego, Gonzalo Forte, Lucas Honda, Julian Terra, Gerardo Bartok, Felix Cohn, Marcos Allend, Tomas Huesped, Andy Hung and Abdul.

Scene 1 - Martin San Diego & Julian Terra Martin & Julian make their way from the hot streets of Buenos Ares to their hotel room. Julian demands that Martin drop the camera and his pants. He pushes Martin onto the bed and straddles him, grinding and kissing while stripping the rest of his clothes off. Martin then pulls Julian’s pants off and hungrily gulps his cock down his throat. Julian then turns his attention and flicking tongue to Martin’s sweet hole. He pulls Martin’s cheeks apart and dives in muffling Martin’s moans with his cock. Working a finger up Martin’s ass and Martin’s cock in his mouth, he proceeds to loosen him up in preparation for bigger things. Julian plants his big cock into Martin and starts pounding. The two roll over and over eventually ending up standing with Julian fucking him from behind. Julian’s balls slap away at Martin’s ass eventually making Martin pop all over the bed. Julian pulls out and showers Martin with his load.

Scene 2 - Bruno Bordas, Gerardo Bartok & Abdul In another room, straight couple, Gerardo and Rocio are checking in. Bruno, the helpful bellboy brings in the luggage. The two lovers immediately get down to the business of making out. Rocio takes off, leaving Gerardo on the couch in a towel. Bruno reappears with a tray of cocktails. After sitting the tray down, he starts helping himself to Gerardo’s cocktail. Discovering his own thirst Gerardo gets a taste of the bellboy's cock. His tongue drifts to Bruno’s ass. Just as things are getting heavy, Abdul, the maintenance man, comes in and unzips his coveralls to show his massive, hard tool. Gerardo and Bruno share, making their best attempts to swallow the whole thing. Eventually, Abdul’s tool finds it's way into Gerardo’s tight ass. He pounds away until Gerardo can't take any more then switches to the bellboy's waiting hole. The three writhe in ecstasy until Gerardo is drenched... and smiling.

Scene 3 - Gonzalo Forte, Lucas Honda & Tomas Huesped Officer Lucas accompanies Gonzalo and Tomas to the scene of the crime. Grabbing Tomas’s crotch, Gonzalo has other things on his mind. He falls to his knees and starts going back and forth between Officer Lucas and Tomas’s cocks. Lucas starts rubbing his Billy club on Gonzalo’s now exposed ass. Taking the hint, Lucas starts working a finger into Gonzalo while Lucas pounds his uncut meat into his throat. Lucas takes a turn slurping on the other two’s cocks as Tomas plants his cock into Gonzalo’s ass and starts jamming it home. Gonzalo arches his back and sucks Lucas like he hasn’t eaten in weeks. Things get harder and faster as Lucas and Tomas trade ends. Gonzalo is plugged in both ends as the two tops eagerly pound and grind. Gonzalo gets his creamy reward as all threw shoot in a frenzy.

Scene 4 ORGY - Bruno Bordas, Martin San Diego, Gonzalo Forte, Felix Cohn, Marcos Allende & Andy Hung Vampire Bruno drains his prey Martin and shares his dark gift with him before the two settle in with the others for a soulful make out session. The boys kiss and explore each other’s bodies before getting down to business. Martin and Marcos end up seated and servicing the other men. Bruno, Gonzalo, Felix and Andy kiss while the other two open their throats. Hands grab hips and heads bob as the men’s bodies blur together in a whir of endorphins and passion. Backs arch as tongues probe hungrily in advance of the men’s cocks that seem to get bigger and harder with each passing second. Eventually, the men give way to primal instinct and start ramming their dicks in each other’s asses. With eyes closed and mouths twisted between rapt pleasure and sweet pain, the blow their loads one by one. In the end, Bruno and Martin are alone with each other kissing.

Produced by Bruno Riccelli

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A Vampire in Town

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