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Starring: Poax, Felipe Ferrari, Alexandre Frasery, Ed Junior, Gama, Higor, Christian, Yago Ribeiro 

Scene 1: Poax
Dark-skinned stud Poax is the kind of man who loves the outdoors. In fact, he loves them so much he just can’t resist stripping off his swimsuit in the ocean and, um, frolicking naked in the sun. Lounging on a rock on the beach, the muscled Brazilian doesn’t waste any time pulling out his pretty pud and pulling on it until it reaches erect perfection. Alternating between stroking his pretty pecs and his pretty pud, Poax works himself into a sun-drenched frenzy as he builds closer and closer to his climax. When he finally does come, his cock erupts like a geyser, spraying thick creamy white jizz all over his honey-brown leg. Spent and satisfied, Poax wanders back into the ocean for a swim.

Scene 2: Felipe Ferari
Felipe Ferrari is one of those guys that you might not notice on first look, but on a second you realize just how inviting his presence is. With lasciviously blue bedroom eyes and an oh-so-thick cock, Felipe could make any dream wet. In this scene, he demonstrates some of his bedside manner, looking directly into the camera while he stokes his luscious uncut cock as it continues to grow and grow. Felipe knows just how to work his tool, gripping the base hard and stroking furiously until his slit opens up and his thick cum comes spewing forth. He cleans up with his briefs, then winks at the camera and disappears.

Scene 3: Alexandre Frasery
Alexandre Frasery is a tease. He loves showing off his smooth, dark-skinned body for the camera, gyrating on the beach as if he’s a stripper working a pole in a club. The more he moves, the hornier he gets, eventually stripping his bathing suit off and taking matters or rather his dick into his own hand. Seducing the camera with his eyes, Alexandre engages the viewer’s fantasy and his own working himself into a frenzied state of ecstasy until cum sprays from his cock all over the sandy beach. Sated, Alexandre retires into the ocean.

Scene 4: Ed Junior
Big dicks like Ed Junior’s don’t come along every day. And he knows it. When he pulls his ferocious monster out and strokes it for you, he lets you know with a wink that he knows that his cock is meant to be worshipped. But since he’s alone, he does his best to meet his own needs, and he invites you along for the ride. Sitting in a tropical bathroom, he spreads his legs out and relaxes, stroking his big meat to its full hardness, then fists it until it rewards him with a pool of sweet nectar from his balls. 

Scene 5: Gama
If you like sultry-hot boys with big muscles and big dicks, then you’re bound to love Gama. Masculine and tattooed, he’s the kind of guy who makes men stop and look twice, then starts drooling. He’s also the kind of guy who likes to get off in the sun, as he demonstrates in this hot solo scene. After finding a nice rock to lounge on, Gama starts rubbing the front of his swimsuit until his cock starts to grow, then frees his pecker from its nylon confinement and begins to stroke it lovingly. As he glances around every so often to make sure no one is coming, he continues to pull and tug on his meat while also caressing his ripped upper body. It’s not long before he gets so turned on that he licks his lips and spews cum all over his smooth, taut abdomen. 

Scene 6: Higor 
If black is your favorite color, then you’re in for a treat with Higor. An athletic stud with skin the color of chocolate brown, Higor is a dream come true for those who love some flavor with their men. And Higor’s got lots to spare. Tall and lean with a beautiful dick, he loves showing off his body for anyone who will watch. He also loves stroking his uncut cock for anyone who will watch. And that’s just what he does here, lounging in his bathroom and pulling on his meaty pud while looking directly into your eyes. He doesn’t just jerk off; he makes love to his own cock. When he comes, it’s as if a volcano erupted: His cum blasts forth powerfully and creates the kind of mess that any man would want to clean up. Yum. 

Scene 7: Christian
You gotta love an exhibitionist like Christian. Ripped and tattooed, he’s the kind of guy you’d want to suck off in the sauna at the gym. But Christian seems to prefer the outdoors, at least if this scene is any indication of his proclivities. While lounging on his boat, Christian decides to give himself a little bit of me time. Massaging his uncircumcised cock, he soaks up the sun and caresses his body while standing on top the boat. Soon he lies down to finish himself off, spurting jets of creamy white nut from his hairy ball sac while moaning into the ocean wind.

Scene 8: Yago Ribeiro 
When people say Brazilian men have a very specific sexual quality, they are talking about men like Yago. Muscled with a slightly stocky build, he is a beefy man who is in control of his body. It’s a body he loves to tend to, as he does for you here. While lounging poolside at his house, Yago wastes no time in enticing the viewer, drawing you in with his sexy glance and his smooth-skinned body. When he drops his pants to review his cock, it’s a site to behold: A big fat cock with honey-brown foreskin. Sitting in a chair, Yago tugs and pulls on his dick invitingly, licking his lips and rubbing his chest as he builds closer to his explosive climax. Throwing his head back with pleasure, Yago lets loose with a torrent of creamy-white jizz that lands all over his belly and hand. Then, with a kiss, he bids you goodbye. 

A Bruno Riccelli Production 
Directed by Manuel Suave

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