Slut Raw Fuckers

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Starring: Jayson Park, Steve Haardon, Dominik Rider, Dan Rhodes, Mateus Axel, Alan Richard, Dillon Press, Jack Simmons. 

Scene 1: Jayson Park and Steve Haardon It’s a playroom fuck fest when Jayson Park and Steve Haardon get together in a homemade dungeon, where Jayson makes himself comfortable in the sling and Steve takes his good ol time fucking Jasyon with his thick raw cock. Yes, sir! Jayson groans as Steve slams his cock into Jayson’s willing hole. I like that, daddy! Later, Jayson demonstrates his fondness for ass-to-mouth action when he sucks Steve’s cock after it’s been up his hole, then climbs on top of Steve’s cock and rides it until Steve fills his hole with his seed. Jayson pushes it back out, then proceeds to service Steve’s armpit and tits before sitting on Steve’s face. Steve rims Jayson’s hairy, cum-filled hole, then gives Jasyon a second load, this time shooting it onto Jayson’s face and into his open mouth. Jayson then gets to blow his load into Steve’s mouth.

Scene 2: Dominik Rider and Dan Rhodes The scene starts out on a couch, with Dominik Rider giving hairy daddy Dan Rhodes the blowjob of his life. Dominik deep throats and slobbers on Dan’s cock, taking his time to savor every inch of it. Dan then bends Dominik over the couch and slides his big raw cock up inside Dominik’s hole. Both men talk nasty to each other while Dan fucks Dominik, eventually spilling his nut deep inside Dominik, who pushes Dan’s creamy load back out of his sloppy, used hole. Dan then gets on his knees and sucks Dominik’s cock and takes his load. They finish up with Dominik taking a turn as the top and plowing Dan’s hole until he fills it with his seed. 

Scene 3: Mateus Axel and Alan Richard In this scene, a scene within a scene, Mateus Axel and Alan Richard are having sex on TV while Jack Simmons watches them at home and jerks off to their porn video. Alan fishes Mateus thick, uncut cock out of his bathing trunks while they lounge on the hull of a sailboat. Alan proceeds to suck Mateus’ cock lovingly, sliding his mouth gently up and down the length of the brown shaft. It’s so big that Alan can’t take it all. Next, Mateus flips Alan onto his back and begins to fuck him, pushing his hooded prick deep up inside Alan’s ready hole. Alan gets on all fours and Mateus continues to plow him from behind, then ends up on his back again for the big finish. Alan is the first to come, spraying his jizz all over his belly while Mateus fucks him. For the finish, Mateus unloads his creamy sperm all over Alan’s lips.

Scene 4: Jack Simmons and Dillon Press After getting horny watching a porn video (see scene 3), Jack Simmons invites his buddy Dillon Press over to his house. The two waste not time getting naked, and Jack is only too willing to wrap his mouth around Dillon’s fat pecker. Jack sucks Dillon’s cock for a while, then Dillon sucks Jack’s cock for a bit before Jack lifts his legs in the air and offers his hole to Dillon. Dillon eagerly rims Jack, kissing, sniffing and tongue-fucking Jack’s hole greedily. Dillon gets on all fours and Jack slides his huge black cock up inside Dillon, plowing him like there is no tomorrow. Dillon grits his teeth and takes the abuse, letting Jack thrust deep into him with all 10 inches until Jack lets loose with a torrent of thick white cum. Dillon then shoots his load all over Jack’s mouth and chin.

Director: Bruno Ricelli

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