Vacation in Rio de Janeiro

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Starring: Bruno Bordas, Ricardo Souza, Marcos Silva, Paulo Cesar, Poax, Guto Vieira, Kaike Fontes, Alexandre Frasery and Marcelo Pereira.

SCENE 1  Ricardo Souza, Marcos Silva & Paulo Cesar Paulo wanders through the lush grounds of the resort happening upon Ricardo and Marcos. The two are going at it hot and heavy in broad daylight. Paulo watches as Marcos helps himself to Ricardo’s body. Paulo can’t keep his hard cock in his trunks for long as he watches from his hiding place. When Ricardo starts tonguing and then pounding Marcos’ ass, Paulo furiously pounds his own cock, hanging over the ledge. The three blow their loads simultaneously, with Ricardo and Marcos never realizing they were just in a three-way.

SCENE 2 Poax Dark-skinned stud Poax is the kind of man who loves the outdoors. In fact, he loves them so much he just can’t resist stripping off his swimsuit in the ocean and, um, “frolicking” naked in the sun. Lounging on a rock on the beach, the muscled Brazilian doesn’t waste any time pulling out his pretty pud and pulling on it until it reaches erect perfection. Alternating between stroking his pretty pecs and his pretty pud, Poax works himself into a sun-drenched frenzy as he builds closer and closer to his climax. When he finally does come, his cock erupts like a geyser, spraying thick creamy white jizz all over his honey-brown leg. Spent and satisfied, Poax wanders back into the ocean for a swim.

SCENE 3 Guto Vieira & Kaike Fontes Guto discovers Kaike sunning his hard brown cock in the pool. Guto steps over to the shower to give Kaike a show. Kaike’s interest is piqued as he joins Guto to help him with his shower. The two explore each other for a bit before Guto gets down to business. He bends Kaike over and starts hammering his cock up into Kaike’s spread ass. Guto holds him in place, slapping Kaike’s quivering but while pounding him harder and deeper. Guto pulls out to shoot twice on Kaike’s chest. Finally Kaike pops his own load with Guto’s big dick in his face.

SCENE 4  Alexandre Frasery  Alexandre Frasery is a tease. He loves showing off his smooth, dark-skinned body for the camera, gyrating on the beach as if he’s a stripper working a pole in a club. The more he moves, the hornier he gets, eventually stripping his bathing suit off and taking matters—or rather his dick—into his own hand. Seducing the camera with his eyes, Alexandre engages the viewer’s fantasy—and his own—working himself into a frenzied state of ecstasy until cum sprays from his cock all over the sandy beach. Sated, Alexandre retires into the ocean.

SCENE 5  Bruno Bordas, Ricardo Souza & Marcelo Pereira After watching for a short bit, Marcello the pool cleaner joins Bruno and Ricardo’s make out session in the pool. The three writhe with pleasure, with Bruno eventually ending up in the middle. Bruno’s suit slides down and Marcello starts working his tongue up Bruno’s ass. Intrigued, Ricardo joins in. They pull Bruno from the water and take turns in both of Bruno’s ends. The three shower each other in cum before collapsing into a pile to enjoy the Rio evening.

Directed by Dario Marxxx and Produced by Bruno Riccelli.

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