Barebacking in Black & White

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Starring Hotboi, Brad Slater, TP Sexy, Christian Hunt, Tempt, Alexandre Carino, Blackhawk, TJ Gold

Barebacking in Black and White brings to you the best on interracial sex. Hunky horny guys ready to blow their loads and blow your mind. Sexy and horny bottom Brad Slater is about to order chocolate on the phone, surprisingly gets that hot chocolate that he is been expecting right on the spot. After long time talking online Christian Hunt finally gets to be plowed by TP Sexy's 10 inch long and hard super dick. Latino cutie Alexandre Carino has the chance that he has been looking for on Craig's list when TJ Gold comes over after being invited.

Scene 1: Hotboi and Brad Slater

When Hotboi finds roommate Brad calling a 900 number looking for “hot chocolate,” Hotboi offers his services instead. Brad is quick to take his big-dicked roomie up on his offer, falling to his knees to ingest Hotboi’s thick and veiny 8-incher. Brad does what he can with it, getting about half of it down his throat and getting it nice and wet for his hole, which Hotboi spends a good bit of time licking and tasting during the hot rim session that follows. With Brad bent over the kitchen counter, Hotboi spreads those lily-white cheeks and shoves his tongue into Brad’s puckered hole. When Brad is good and lubed with his spit, Hotboi goes in for the kill, sliding his mammoth meat into Brad’s eager hole. Brad takes every inch of it, moaning silently as he endures the assault his ass is getting. After switching positions so that Brad is lying on the floor with his legs up in the air, Hotboi thrusts deep inside him until he shoots in a geyser of creamy jizz that erupts from his cock slit and lands on Brad’s tummy. Brad is close behind, adding his own copious juices to Hotboi’s load.

Scene 2: TP Sexy and Christian Hunt

TP Sexy and Christian Hunt are a couple of guys who have been talking for months on the Internet. After finally agreeing to meet up, Christian asks TP what he’s into. “My dick in your mouth,” comes TP’s reply. Christian wastes no time in making it happen, freeing TP’s fat dick from his gym shorts and guiding it to his open mouth. He works his mouth up and down TP’s shaft, then gets into a 69 position so that TP can tongue his pink hole. TP darts his tongue in and out of Christian’s anus before getting him into a doggie-style position and fucking him from behind. Plunging his raw monster cock into Christian’s hole, TP forces Christian to moan and squeal in equal parts pleasure and pain. TP flips Christian onto his back so he can fuck him some more, and both guys finish themselves off by jerking their cocks to climax while lying next to each other. TP’s load is huge, landing on his chest, but Christian’s is just as big, spewing out in thick globs of juicy, creamy delight.

Scene 3: Tempt and Alexandre Carino

After seeing each other in the clubs for weeks, Tempt and Alexandre Carino agree to meet up and get down to dirty business. A cocksucker of infinite talent, Alexandre is on his knees in no time, opening his throat up and taking Tempt’s 9-inch cock all the way down while Tempt moans his appreciation. But Tempt is no selfish top, and shows his appreciation for Alexandre’s service by getting on his knees as well. They take turns blowing each other until Alexandre takes control. With Tempt slung over a dining room table chair, Alexandre slides his uncut cock into his new friend’s hole and fucks him hard. Eventually Tempt ends up on the table itself, his legs up in the air while Alexandre thrusts deep into him, and both men finish off by jerking off together.

Scene 4: TJ Gold and Blackhawk

Blackhawk is horny at home one night and decides to call up his Internet buddy TJ Gold. He asks TJ to come over, and the two men hit it off at once. “You’ve got a pretty big cock,” TJ says while he slobbers on Blackhawk’s huge dick. “I’ve never had one this big before.” That doesn’t stop TJ from doing his damndest to make Blackhawk happy, using his hand to jerk him off while taking what he can into his throat. Blackhawk is a reciprocating lover, and he demonstrates his own special skills as a cocksucker when he falls to his knees to salivate over TJ’s double-pierced—and very large—dick. “I’m glad you called me today,” TJ coos as Blackhawk’s sucks him. After a long period in which the guys take turns sucking each other, TJ gets onto his hands and knees and offers his hole to Blackhawk. The black stud slides his cock into TJ’s hole and fucks him silly. TJ takes it as long as he can, but eventually gets on top so he can sit down on Blackhawk’s cock. He rides the dick while stroking his own cock, and both men finish by erupting in thick, creamy loads.

Directed by Peter O’Brian

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